Everything about Equipoise: Dosage, Effects, and Uses

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Equipoise, an anabolic steroid, is used for growing physical performance, either in a human body or in an animal body. Whoever takes it, the drug needs to be taken through injections.

So what are the dosage, uses, and effects of equipoise in our body? Keep reading to know about it.

What is Equipoise?

Equipoise is basically the brand name of an older anabolic steroid. The scientific name for this anabolic steroid is Boldenone Undecylenate.

Anabolic steroids usually work to build or boost the overall physical condition of a body, either human or animal. Equipoise is not an exception.

Giant Ciba, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, first patented and improved this steroid in 1949. Human beings used to use this for physical growth. But after some days, it has been clinically proved that this anabolic steroid is quite harmful to the human body.

It produces more psychological disorders and other serious health complications in the human body. That is why some popular industrial countries attempted to prohibit the use of equipoise for the human body. From that time, people use this equipoise in animal bodies.

What are the Benefits of Equipoise?

There are several benefits that equipoise offers for your animal body. Significant benefits of equipoise are as follows:

  • The most important benefit of equipoise steroid is that it helps to build up muscles very quickly.
  • It exacerbates the body for boosting muscle mass.
  • Enhances nitrogen retention and the synthesis of protein in the tissues of the body muscle resulting in muscle building
  • Increment of bodily strength
  • The high rate of lean muscle growth
  • More and oxygen supply in the muscle tissue
  • Stronger as well as bigger muscles
  • A rise in the red blood cells
  • Works as a substitute for testosterone hormone or testosterone increasing derivatives. For example, Testosterone Cypionate
  • Appetite increase

Side Effects of Equipoise

Besides lots of benefits, equipoise contains some harmful side effects too. It is more affection for the human body rather than an animal body. If you misuse the drug, meaning you take an overdose, it will cause harmful diseases in your body, such as fluid retention, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, and many more.

High Estrogen Level

The most serious consequence that this drug gives rise to your body is the high amount of estrogen hormone. High estrogen level is very much detrimental to health.  Whenever you find your estrogen level is high due to this drug, immediately take some anti-estrogen medicine. Anti-estrogen medicines help you to control your estrogen level and make your health risk free.

Behavioural Change

Another side effect of equipoise is, it brings about huge changes in an individual’s characteristics(specially manly features). 

For example, you can feel to have excessive hair growth around your whole body, baldness,  acne problems, etc. However, equipoise does not cause that much serious health complications like other steroids.

Why is Equipose Different from Other Steroids?

This is because of its different chemical structure, which prevents it from making intense changes. It is previously mentioned that equipoise needs to be taken through injection therapies.

The last injection therapy, also known as PCT, meaning Post Cycle Therapy, helps to balance your testosterone level in the body.

Basically, people use anabolic steroids for muscle growth, physical strength, and confidence. But if you take them without any specific schedule or doctor’s advice, they will harm your body instead.

Be sure that you are buying your product from a renowned and established online store. Search in Google and check out customer reviews for the best sites.

Where to Buy Equipoise?

You can best get the equipoise on online stores rather than regular pharmaceuticals available in the markets. There are several online websites from where you can buy your desired product. Price is very reasonable for this drug, although the cost varies from different websites.

Equipoise Dosage

As you already know from the above discussion, that equipoise contains strong side effects in a human body. So the dosages must be very liberal for them. The standard dosage of equipoise steroids for a human body is around 200-400mg per week.

High dosages can enhance estrogen levels. If you are taking overdosage for any reason, make sure to have anti-estrogen drugs to balance the estrogen level. It is better to consult with a professional doctor before taking any kind of steroids or drugs.

In the case of a horse body, the dosage of equipoise varies a lot. It varies depending on the horse weight and intramuscular strength to absorb the steroid. The general dosage of equipoise for a horse is only 0.5mg.

You can use more or less amount for your horse based on its power to grab. The best choice is to make your horse check out by a veterinarian. He can best suggest how much dosage is appropriate for your horse.


So, you have now learned everything about equipoise steroids. Although it is not that much safe for the human body, it serves to build up your muscle and physical strength. Your animals, especially horses, are more suitable for taking this drug. Remember, whoever you choose this drug for, either for you or for your horse, consult with a doctor first.