A Guide to Lose Weight Fast in 30 Days


Are you looking for some ways to lose weight as fast as you can? Is obesity making your everyday life quite difficult?

Just trying some random things out won’t help you lose weight. At first, you need to know why one gains or loses weight. Genetics, junk foods, addiction to food, sugar are some of the reasons behind your weight gain.

To lose a considerable amount of weigh in just 30 days, of course, you need to devise a well-thought-out plan. Many people do mistake by trying to follow some strict diet plans. But this is likely to leave you unsatisfied and to starve – something that leads to dumping the whole plan.

That’s why you need to go easy and have a well-thought-out plan that you would be happy to abide by. In this article, I am going to discuss some ways one can follow to lose weight fast in just 30 days. So without further due, let’s get started.

How to Lose Weight Fast in 30 Days

Count the Number of Calories

Whenever people are thinking about the ways to lose weight, the first thing that always comes to their mind is controlling calories. It’s no brainer that you should count the calories in your food intake. Counting calories is one of the easiest ways you could imagine that will help you lose your weight.

The fundamental reason why weight loss occurs is when you use your calories more than you take in. For example, you can increase your physical activities that will burn your calories more than the calories you take.

You should keep track of how many calories you are taking in. This will make you aware of what your food intake should be.

Recently a study has shown that weight loss program incorporating calorie counting has resulted in 7.3 pounds more weight loss than those that didn’t.

Increase Protein Intake

If you are considering losing weight fast in 30 days, then protein intake is what is absolutely crucial to your mission. You have to increase your protein intake. It’s been proved that protein is associated with persevered muscle mass and decreased fat.

One great thing about protein is that it can suppress our hunger and appetite even hours after what you have eaten. Also, protein can increase metabolism, which helps you lose your weight.

One study found that 19 adults have come up with the findings that a 15% increase in protein intake increases the feelings of fullness and reduce calorie intake significantly.

Another study has found that consuming high protein breakfast is associated with a decreased level of ghrelin – the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger.

Reduce Carb Consumption

Another excellent and useful way to lose a considerable amount of weight in just 30 days is to cut your carb consumption. If you consume a high number of refined carbs, your body fat and weight are likely to increase.

Foods that are high in carbs are very healthy and nutrition-rich. But the refined carbs which are common in some of the foods today should not be on your to-eat list. During processing, refined carbs lose their fiber and nutrient content, making it nutrient-poor.

Also, due to having a high glycemic index, they are digested and absorbed more quickly, causing spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels.

One study found that those who took the higher number of refined carbs have had increased belly fat, and those whose intake was whole grains have had less belly fat.

Have More Fiber at The Table

If you are wondering what the significance of fiber in reducing your weight is, know that it slows down the emptying of your stomach.

Moving slowly and undigested through the gastrointestinal tract, fiber makes you feel full longer. Also, fiber has some satiety-boosting effects that are helpful in weight control.

A study found that the men who took a specified amount of insoluble fiber had their appetitive decreased, and also, they were having less food intake.

Another study reported that a 14% increase in fiber intake resulted in a 10% reduction in calorie intake and 4.2 pounds of weight loss over four months.

Whole grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, etc. are some good and easily available sources of fiber.

Drink More Water

If you are someone who can’t take that much mental pressure and all these plans seem hard for you, then there is one thing that you surely can without feeling pressurized. That is, drink as much water as you can.

Having more water intake is something that doesn’t require much effort from you.

Water is likely to enhance weight loss as it bumps up the metabolism and temporarily increases the calories that the body burns after eating.

One study found that drinking 500 ml of water before the meal resulted in reduced subsequent calories consumed by 13 percent.

Another study conducted on 13 adults showed that drinking 500 ml water resulted in increased metabolism by 30%.

Lift Weights

Now comes the exercise part. You should be as much concerned about exercise as much you are about your food intake. Being conscious of food content is always appreciated. But if your goal is to lose weight quite fast, then exercise has no alternatives.

Resistance training will result in muscle strength and endurance. Adding it to your routine will ensure fat-burning and metabolism, which in turn will help you burn more calories.

A study that 10 weeks of resistance training resulted in increased metabolism by 7 percent.

So you should start going to the gym. Or you can do some bodyweight exercise at home. The goal is resistance training.

Get a Sleep Routine

So now you are well aware that maintaining a great diet and exercise are the cornerstone in the process of losing weight. But sleep also has a great role to play. That’s why you need to set up a sleep schedule.

It’s not a surprise that sleeping plays quite a significant place in weight loss. A study in 245 women suggested that women who have had at least 7 hours of sleep per night increased the likelihood of weight loss success by 33%.

It is quite a fact that having less sleep is associated with weight gain. Fewer sleep results in increased hunger hormones which in turn increases appetite.

Final Words

Health is wealth – an old adage that has always stayed relevant. Every form of wealth pales in comparison to health. So you should be concerned if you are gaining weight constantly.

Losing weight is not as difficult as people might think it to be. Just a good plan, along with determination, can produce an excellent result if implemented.

Now that you have read the article, I hope you can succeed in the next 30 days.

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