How do I Know if My Son is Taking Steroids?

How do I know if my son is taking steroids

Nowadays, using steroids is the most common thing among teens because, at their age, they want to improve their body shape to look fit. Being an informed adult, how do i know if my son is taking steroids, you will know by the end of this blog post. Using steroids along with going to the gym can create a dramatic change in muscle mass for young men.. Most of them are inspired by seeing bodybuilders, athletes, and wrestlers. Steroids very popular among bodybuilders, sportsmen and gym fanatics of all ages.

Using steroids has both advantages and disadvantages. Using steroids means you are considering the problems too. The side effects of steroids can never be ignored. If you are father and searching for, how do I know if my son is taking steroids? I will say you should not ask your son directly. He will not feel comfortable with that. Just give it some time and observe his outlook. Observe how he behaves.

How Do I Know if my son is taking steroids?

The following steps will help you if you want to know your son is taking steroids or not.

Observe physical changes

So, how do I know if my son is taking steroids? The very first thing you should observe his physical changes. If you observe, you will be able to notice the changes. Look for the following causes so that you can make sure that your son is using steroids or not.

  • Steroids can increase acne suddenly
  • Steroids can cause oily skin and oily hair
  • Steroids can increase muscle
  • Steroids can cause swelling in the neck
  • Steroids can increase breast size in males
  • Steroids can cause hair loss
  • Steroids can cause unwanted body hair growth

Look for these signs to make sure your son is using steroids or not. These signs very noticeable if steroids are used at a very early age.

Observe medical warning signs

So, how do I know my son is taking steroids? The second thing you should do is to observe his medical warning signs. Besides physical changes, steroids can cause some medical warnings which should not be ignored. The following medical symptoms will be able to tell you that your son is using steroids or not.

  • Steroids can increase the pressure of blood
  • Steroids can cause indigestions
  • Steroids can cause nausea and vomit more often
  • Steroids can cause stomach problem like an ulcer
  • Steroids can cause heart diseases
  • Steroids can cause problems with the digestive system.

If you see these medical warning signs in your son, he may be using steroids.

Psychological changes

So, how do I know my son is taking steroids? Observing psychological changes can help you understand if you so is taking steroids or not. Using steroids can also cause some mental problems. Such as

  • Steroids can cause aggression more often.
  • Steroids can cause anxiety
  • Steroids can cause mood swings very often.
  • Steroids can cause sleeping problems
  • Steroids can cause depression

If you want to know if your son is taking steroids or not, observe these psychological changes. If you see any changes, that means your son is taking steroids.

Behavioral changes

So, how do I know my so is taking steroids? Observing behavioral changes will help you understand that your son is using steroids or not. Besides physical and psychological changes, you can also notice some behavioral changes.

Observing behavioral changes is so important so that you can compare it in addition to physical and psychological changes. Some behavioral changes are

  • Steroids can be the reason for increase appetite
  • Steroids can cause obsession of building up muscle more and more
  • Steroids can make a person unsocial
  • Steroids can cause poor academic performance
  • Steroids can stop doing other sport activities
  • If some are using steroids, they might need more money to which is not reasonable.

Observing behavioral changes may not be the perfect solution. But combining the four changes, you will be able to see the difference.

Proper age to start using steroids

Bodybuilders and athletes use steroids. Steroids are also one of the most demanding substance to help you increase body strength and muscle mass. Steroids don’t have a proper age limit.

Most of the steroid users are adults or who are professionals and bodybuilders. They know exactly how to use it. But a large number of teens also using steroids without even knowing about the side effects of the steroids. This is the main concern.

If someone wants to start using steroids, I will say you can start using steroids at the age of 19 years or above. But before that, you should visit a doctor tell him why you won’t use steroids. He might be able to give you a proper suggestion on how you should see them. He will also suggest being the best steroids for you.

Avoid the side effects

Once you start using steroids, it would be hard to avoid the side effects. There are many kinds of steroids out there. Most of them are used as a medication to treat some particular illness. That’s why most doctors and experts suggest using steroids.

To avoid the side effects, you should consider the following tips.

  • Use them properly by maintaining a proper dosage routine
  • Maintain a proper workout plan to avoid the side effects and better result
  • Eat healthy food
  • Maintain a proper diet plan
  • Make sure you are using a good quality steroid
  • Maintain your sleep schedule
  • Don’t use steroids for a long time
  • Gather knowledge about the side effects of using steroids

Using any kind of steroids has some side effects. So, don’t just use it. Don’t hesitate to tell your doctor why you want to use steroids. Only a doctor or expert will give you a proper suggestion about using steroids.


If you are thinking using steroids is not a big deal, you are wrong. There are many types of steroids, and each of them has a different side effect, which cannot be ignored. Think twice before using any kind of steroids.

Your son may be using steroids, but you have read the article about how do I know my son is taking steroids? So you can also give some advice to him wheather he needs to do it or not.