How to Use Steroids Safely for Bodybuilding [Beginner Guide]


Many bodybuilders in their beginning stages use steroids to boost up their confidence and bodybuilding. It is legal in many countries and is used before any competition.

But excessively taking steroids can result in addiction. Then the only cure for it is the removal of it. Doctors also prescribe different steroids for depression and anxiety.

Through all the odds, still, people are taking it. We intend to suggest the healthy types of steroids and ways to use it from all the harmful and false drugs.

How to Use Steroids Safely for Bodybuilding

Steroids: It is the performance-enhancing tablets/ injection which is taken to reduce unwanted body fat and increase muscle/ body mass. Several weightlifters and bodybuilders take it.  

How to use steroids safely

  1. Talk to any professional about the merits and demerits of taking steroids both in pills and tablets.
  2. Do a little research on how to get steroids for bodybuilding. Go to the nearest drug store or buy them online but beware of the false products. Watch reviews before buying from online.
  3. Check your body about your blood pressure and other heart or reproductive diseases. If detected, ask from any professional consultants.
  4. Consult a nutritionist about your daily calory and protein intake. If the proper diet is not followed, you may end in a wheelchair or coma (in critical situations). There are many examples of suitable foods, such as fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, lean meats, high-fiber grains, low-fat dairy products, etc.
  5. Take the pills which have fewer side effects and healthy compared to others. Use them regularly on time. If you are taking injections- do not use them in the wrong places, use proper needles and use it only once. Before applying the drug, wash the place and your hands with warm water and soup.

Best steroid tablets for bodybuilding

Here, we will be discussing the tablets that can be taken for bodybuilding as a beginner. For your information, these tablets are all legal to take.

a. An alternative to Anavar (legal)- Anavarol

It is mostly used for fat burning in a short time. The steroid is suitable for both men and women. By cutting up the excess fat quickly, it will keep you happy, fit, energetic, and strong.

For its anabolic power, it can make you look jacked for the increased glycogen storage. It can also be implied on women as it works as a fat burner. Additionally, they may put on some weight but in a proper scale.

They will not show any masculine structure because it is a mild steroid and not extremely androgenic. There are also many side effects to that.

For example, baldness in women, painful and excessive erection, hampered testosterone cycle. The one thing bad about this drug is that it is excessively costly for beginner people with less money.

b. Alternative to Dianobol (legal) D-Bol

It is less costly than Anavarol and comparing to other drugs, it shows fewer side effects. It is used to have a bulking body mass in a short time for a beginner.

Bodybuilders usually take 50 mg of the drug every day, but people with high blood pressure should take 10 mg a day to avoid an overdose.

There are many side effects, such as liver problems, high blood pressure, baldness, low testosterone level, acne, liver cancer, gynecomastia, etc.

c. The alternative to Testosterone (legal)- Testo max

It is the most popular steroid among beginners. It helps you to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time. It should be taken with a high-calorie diet if you expect to gain muscle. It also has many side effects such as acne, lover problem, high blood pressure, hair loss, etc.

d. Alternative to Deca Durabolin (legal)- DecaDuro

It is the powerful and healthiest steroid for gaining lean and bulking muscle. Among all, it said to be a low dose of steroid for bodybuilding.

The taker should be patient with it as it takes time to show results as it carries long esters and slow-acting compound.

However, it has fewer side effects than other drugs. They are- erectile dysfunction, testosterone problems, mood swings, bloating, etc.

Types of steroid injections for bodybuilding

The steroid pills that are discussed previously can also be taken as injections which will start working even quicker. Let us just discuss the anabolic injections because it is the most famous one so far.

Here is the information you need to know before trying the injections-

  • Firstly, not any needle for injection can be used. The needle should be long and thick enough to go through the muscle and supply them through the whole body. Use either (21g * 1.5) or (23g * 1.25). 2 ml barrel is the right choice for injection.
  • Anabolic steroids are applied to buttocks and thighs. Injecting on the wrong spots can end up in devastating results such as bruising and paralysis. Avoid applying in the same spot.
  • There are some problems you may face while using it. You can feel temporary nerve damage, muscle damage, bruising or internal damage like hemorrhage (happens when accidentally you puncture any blood vessels), redness, swelling etc.
  • If you make any blunder or feel like you have made a mistake, go to your nearest drug store, GP, or ask for professional help. Be honest that you were using steroids to your doctor. Remember, without professional help, the problem will not disappear. It would help if you had treatment. Otherwise, the problem will get worse.


Steroid using over two weeks at a stretch can decrease your body ability such as

  • losing hair
  • blood vomit
  • pale or oily skin
  • nausea, upper and lower abdominal pain
  • increasing cancer risk, insomnia
  • blood clots and internal bleeding
  • high cholesterol
  • liver problems, cyst, heart attacks, coronary artery problems
  • stroke, kidney diseases
  • depression, suicidal thoughts
  • gynecomastia which means male breast enlargement
  • infertility, testicles problems
  • facial body increasing, hoarse and deepened voice for women
  • menstrual irregularities, etc.

Moreover, it is recorded that a person with no criminal or violent history prior to taking steroids can commit murder or suicide out of anxiety.


Let us just make you clear that we are not professionals or doctors. The discussion is based on research from different perspectives. Take suggestions from your trainer or a medical personality.

Be honest with your doctor because if you mess up, only they will be there to help you to your perfect recovery. It is legal in some cases to use steroids.

However, you must know that the wrong use of it can make you vulnerable in mental and physical states and can cause many side effects at an early age.

Overdoses can even kill you. So, be careful even if you are using it for any kind of bodybuilding competition.