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MediStar Steroids Paved The Way

MediStar is one of the original steroid labs in Canada that has been around for over 20 years. Started in British Columbia, they are one of the original mail order steroid sites to go online selling anabolic steroids. The true OG’s of the game that paved the way for many other sites to come online and promote the online steroids business in Canada. We like to honour the ones that have come before us and give a shout out to the original godfathers of the online world.

Over the years, they have transformed their site and continued to evolve with the times to offer new items and continued customer support. They have long been one of the more trusted brands in Canada and if you talk to anyone that has used steroids in British Columbia or Alberta there is a good chance that they have used medistar steroids. The product line has grown and the packaging has changed many times. The most recent transformation came in the form of new packaging for their oral tablets. Medistar offer a wide range of oral steroids for bulking (DBOL, Anadrol, TBOL), cutting (Anavar, Winny, Clen), as well as sexual enhancement pills such as viagra and cialis. With a new “window” feature, you can see the tabs from the outside of the package and enjoy those sweet gains before you open the package.

To this day the MediStar claims that they are still Canadian made and offer high quality steroids. In addition, the lab testing is said to be done to ensure quality. Shipping is within Canada so you don’t have any customs charges or international security checks.

We welcome the past as we move into the New Age, the game has changed over the years and as you can see many players now exist in the online world. Within Canada, we are leading the way when it comes to mail order steroids! Our laws and systems allow us to be a free country and move products into the hands of consumers across the country. If Canada Post delivers to your door, we are able to get you high quality steroids made in quality controlled labs. All this can be delivered to you within a week and at competitive prices. Giving you the consumer choice and access is what its really about, so if you live in a rural area you still have access to the same steroids as the guys and girls that live in the city. The internet is shrinking the world and you can truly live anywhere in the world and have a world class physique. Trainers can send you online program, posing coaches can work with you over skype or facetime. Making it even more important to get quality steroids so you can grow like the pros.