Pros and Cons of Steroids


The steroid is an active compound of four molecular configurations with two functions. There are a wide variety of steroids (about hundreds) are available within plants and animals around the world. 

Steroids can be divided into two major segments, such as corticosteroids and gonadal steroids. The first kind functions on immune suppression and controls blood pressure, whereas the second kind maintains the function of uteri like period cycle and pregnancy, develops and manages gender characteristics. 

Steroids is entirely a natural thing produced in the human body, which refers as hormonal or natural steroids (testosterone). Human has involved the second type of steroids named anabolic steroids which are used by ejecting in the human body if there is any sign of deficiency. 

Hormonal Steroids vs. Anabolic Steroids

The hormonal steroids are natural and hardly have disadvantages in case there is any surplus quantity in the human body. If there are excessive natural steroids, the anti-steroids should be injected or taken to soothing the level. 

On the other hand, anabolic steroids are the modified version of steroids and taken by people for particular intentions. Both natural and synthetic compounds make this kind of steroids and attempt to work like the hormonal steroids but not for permanent.

Past & Present of Steroids

In the early century, steroids are used to grow in the farms like cows, pigs, sheep, etc. Steroids are introduced first in 1930 by a German chemist. After decades, the scientists have modified it, so that it can be applicable for human being and now in the twenty-first century it is widely popular among the people.

The use of steroids refer the anabolic steroids, which are a popular trend in Canada mostly for young people. Steroids have several contributions in the human body from appetite to regulate sexual characteristics. Besides, athletes and bodybuilders use steroids in a wide range. The Canadian women have found it useful for maintaining their cycle, hair growth, and even body shaping. Some doctors or physicians suggest steroids on specific inflammation caused by accident in the time of playing.

The Positive Facts of Steroids

People use steroids for several purposes such as muscle growth, strengthening bones, eating habits, maintain cycle, etc. mainly. Here are some facts that are given below:

For athletes and bodybuilders, steroids is a regular tool for its multiple purposes from reducing inflammation to develop muscle. In the early period, the doctor suggests patient with high deficiency in muscle and bone such as unhealthy child. But now, along with the child, elders tend to involve with this drug.

Stimulating and strengthening bones capacity are other positive factors of anabolic steroids. Stability is required for a player to hold his position in any competition. Steroids help to gain bone stability.

Women are nowadays, especially in Canada, use steroids for maintaining and regulating their periods and other uterus related activities.

Appearance is a concerning fact to the people of all ages from past to present. Some take steroids to look fit enough, and attractive such as women take steroids to have a perfect body shaping whereas men make it to grow the muscles.

Steroids also reduce stress more or less, but some people take it for relaxation too.

For a controlled blood pressure level, steroids are used among the senior citizens in Canada. 

The Negative Facts of Steroids

According to the proverb that ‘each action has its reaction’ is also applicable in term of steroids users. Steroids are good until a certain period. Many doctors forbid people to take steroids without permission, but still, people neglect the suggestions and ultimately suffer from different level of diseases. The excessive use of anything brings unwanted situation. Besides, steroids have some negative impacts, such as:

Steroids addiction has become a growing concern in Canadian society because people take steroids in an unusual manner which eventually hamper their natural hormone system. In the long run, people with excessive steroid-using suffer from long term deficiency as well as strong diseases such as cancer or kidney problems.

Steroids can help in growing muscle and bones, but continuous uses of this medicine require high doses which has cruel circumstances.

Recently the gynecologists in Canada, forbid using steroids. As its influence over pregnancy and even can make one infertile for good.

Using steroids in the teenage period will cost a high value, such as that particular teenager will face calcium deficiency in his elderly period.

The hair growth is such immense that sometimes hair starts growing in the whole body, which might be unpleasant.

Skin damage, mood sewing, malnutrition, pressure, etc. are some of the side effects of using steroids in high volume.Using steroids through needle randomly and rapidly can cause HIV or cancer.

Considering Facts

In the edge of the twenty-first century, alternative tools are common staffs, and people thrive to go for alternative option in a blink of an eye. However, the central law has been proclaimed on medicine providers like the pharmacy nowadays looking for valid proof before selling such powerful steroids. 

Even the player nowadays also tend to consult with physician and doctors before taking long term steroids. This kind of practices should be promoted among the people who have a myopic idea towards steroids to accept the reasons for usages. 

Meanwhile, the young generation should be monitored while using steroids to save them from the possibility of strong or cureless diseases. Through negative branding system, the side effects of using anabolic steroids can be promoted to the people.

Final Word

Steroids is entirely a natural thing produced in the human body. Many doctors forbid people to take steroids without permission, but still, people neglect the suggestions and ultimately suffer from different level of diseases. However, routine work out and a healthy diet are the cure of any anxiety of human body. Thus, this concept and practice should be maintained in every sphere of life to attain a better and quality life.

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