Steroids & Gamers: Could they be a perfect match?

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Steroids & Gamers History

Steroids & Gamers don’t have a long history together however it might surprise you to find out that the competitive edge that you are looking for is on this page. Steroids were originally created to treat clinical depression. In 1935, the synthesis of testosterone was done in Germany. After that athletes started misusing steroids for strength and muscle gains. In 1954 Olympics Russian athlete was accused of using the steroid. After that, a surge in steroid consumption was observed among athletes. By mid-’80s testosterone became common among young men who were interested in getting bigger muscles. Taking testosterone is not particularly associated with performance, it is a source of muscle gain. 

Anabolic Steroids 

Anabolic steroids are basically a synthesis derivative of testosterone. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for muscle growth, facial hair, and appearance. It is produced by testicles in the male body, it is also responsible for sex drive. 

Testosterone is responsible for two effects on the human body. First is called anabolic, which means an increase in bone and muscle mass. Second is androgenic, which is responsible for hair growth, voice deepening, and male genitalia.  

Steroids are synthesized in such a way that they have a minimum androgenic effect on the body, while the anabolic effect is maximum. That is why steroids contribute to muscle growth. Anabolic steroids stimulate cells to produce more protein, in return, you get bigger muscle. Along with that anabolic steroids also stimulate the production of ATP also known as the fuel for cells to maneuver. 

Steroids & Gamers Today

Proper nutrition is essential for an athlete to focus, perform, and maintain a good form. Athletes have been very cautious about their diet and supplements that they administer to maintain form. The recently same amount of attention has been given to e-sports gamers. It is essentially important for e-sports gamers to maintain a nutritious diet to maintain focus. 

There is a debate that either e-sports gamers considered to be the actual athletes. Should they be compared to other athletes or not? According to research, it is found that e-sports gamers click 400 to 500 times more than the normal user. This constitutes to be 5 times more than the normal user. 

The research also suggests that there is intense pressure on reflexes and hand-eye movement. Along with both hands continuously working for up to 2 hours nonstop. The number of hours a gamer has to sit in front of the monitor can be up to 10 hours. This puts huge stress on the lower and upper back, hips, neck, and arms. The lack of activity means fewer calories consumption by gamers as compared to a normal person. This means that they should have a huge amount of micronutrients in their diet. 

A dose of steroids can solve this problem. As we discussed that anabolic steroids cause muscle growth and improve overall strength, gamers can benefit from them. Steroids can improve muscle density which is lost due to lack of physical activity. 

Compounds such as anavar, are great introductory anabolic steroids that help with retaining and building muscle mass. Anavar is seen as the most mild steroid on the market and comes along with the least amount of side effects. 

In addition, some people might benefit from non-traditional steroids such as t3, which helps speed up your metabolism and helps with the promotion of fat loss. Steroids & Gamers don’t have to come from building muscle, there are other benefits that can be gained as well.

Instead of energy drinks and sugar hyped edibles focus on anabolic steroids which will provide the overall strength a gamer might need to enhance his focus, brain activity, and strength. Brain activity is directly related to the well being of the body. A sound body will relate to a sharper mind, for a gamers perspective steroids can be the answer.

Steroids might provide you the edge that you always wanted. Feeling tired after an hour of gameplay? Feeling mentally discharged after hours of looking at the monitor? All these problems can be solved with one solution and that is anabolic steroids. 

Unnecessary junk eating and drink energy drinks can cause sugar hype. This is good for temporary energy and morale boost, but in the long run, it will cause obesity and other organ failures.  

Gaming supplements

With a proper diet, a gamer needs proper nutrients like proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. For many years gamers have relied on energy drinks and junk food to fuel their systems. Although they might work temporarily they are toxic for the human body. for a gamer to achieve that drastic edge which will push him to become the champion anabolic steroids is what they need. 

Types of Steroids

There are many different types of steroids available In the market depending on your taste. Some steroids are solely used for medical purposes and some are used for performance-enhancing purposes. There are three basic types of steroids to choose from:

  1. Performance steroids for better strength and endurance
  2. Bulking steroids for huge muscle gains
  3. Cutting steroids for achieving zero fat 

Steroids & Gamers should focus on performance enhancing steroids that will give them a competitive edge. They will help gamers to achieve strength and endurance. Long durations of sitting in front of a monitor will have an effect on the lower back and neck. Performance steroids will help your muscles to grow by stimulating the muscle cells and make them produce protein for muscle growth. They are also helpful for stunt growth or muscle weakness among gamers. 

Other health benefits

Athletes have used steroids for many years now. There is no denying the fact that steroids can boost muscle growth and increase endurance. Although it is not legal to compete in any competition while using steroids, men have used them to increase muscle definition so that they can look good. 

Gamers can benefit from these steroids as athletes have done for years. Hours of sitting can be extremely dangerous for muscle growth. Muscle definition is lost and the muscle becomes a week, which will cause serious health issues with age. 

Steroids can be taken orally or through injection. The injection can be administered on the upper side of the buttocks. Although it is not recommended some people use steroid injections on arms and legs, which can cause tissue damage or muscle damage. 

Keep in mind there are some side effects accosted with steroids like hair loss, loss of appetite, and reduced sex drive. Some serious side effects include feeling angry and aggressive after taking steroids. Prolonged use of steroids will cause your body to stop making testosterone of its own. Which might result in shrinking of testicles, loss of sex drive, and lesser muscle definition. In the medical field, there is growing concerned about non-medical usage of steroids and its side effects on human health. If you are interesting in knowing more about steroids & gamers head over to the contact us page and send us a message.