Top Scratch Casino is an online gambling establishment.

Top Scratch Casino is an online gambling establishment.

This online gaming website utilizes the catchphrase, “Fortune is only a scratch away,” as its tagline. The fact that we did not utilize the word “online casino” is another important piece of information that contributes to the whole puzzle. The website Top Scratch is not a traditional gambling establishment but rather a hub for online versions of scratch-and-win games. It goes without saying that the actual act of scratching cannot be replicated in the virtual world at this time; however, you should be able to envision how these games operate: you click to “scratch” whatever it is that needs to be scratched, and then you watch as your winnings pile up (if everything goes according to plan), or flatline (if things don’t quite go your way).

Taking all of this into consideration, Top Scratch is going to be quite the controversial gambling website, due to the fact that a lot of players aren’t going to be pleased with only these kinds of games. In point of fact, there are many full-service casino websites that also offer scratch games in addition to poker, roulette, and other ways to win, so it’s quite perplexing as to why anyone would go to the trouble (and expense) of registering and developing an entire website dedicated to what is, for the most part, a type of game that many people consider to be a side attraction.

There is some information can be found on the landing page. The primary image is a still shot of a lady who seems to be in her 30s and is smiling broadly despite the fact that she appears to be a completely average person. This is in contrast to the typically glamorous women that cover the homepage of online casino websites. More of a housewife than a supermodel, the overall message seems to be that this is the target audience, and this audience probably wouldn’t bother going on to a full-range casino website for their scratchy kicks; providing them with a standalone website is the only way to really lure them in. Without sounding too horribly judgmental, the overall message seems to imply that this is the target audience.

Do we really need to continue the sentence? “When You’ve Got an Itch…” Almost certainly not. Consequently, if you want to play scratch games, you should come here since it seems to be the best spot to do so. Those who believe that scratch games are somewhat limiting and repetitive are in for a major shock.

You would think that a full-service casino website would have fewer menu choices on the homepage, but the developers have managed to cram as many of them in as they possibly can. There are a variety of choices available, including View All, Most Popular, Classic, Sports, Fantasy, Casino, and Slots. It goes without saying that the Most Popular and View All categories are very easy to understand on their own; thus, for the purpose of this review, let’s concentrate on the other categories.

So, you’re saying that there is a casino now, right?

In all honesty, both yes and no. When you choose the Casino option, a picture of a roulette table appears on the screen almost instantly. If you cycle through the pictures, you’ll also find references to poker and other traditional casino games. However, they are all packaged in such a manner that devoted casino lovers will be left unsatisfied, but at the same time, they will not alienate the main market.

To put it another way, if you can picture a scratch-off lottery combined with a casino game, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect here. The fact that most of the people who are here won’t have much of an interest in the casino game aspect of online gambling makes it seem a little strange, however, and the vast majority of people who want the full online casino experience won’t bother registering for a website that focuses on scratch-offs. However, you still can’t criticise them for making an effort to provide a huge variety of distinct scratch card games since, as everyone knows, having alternatives is what makes life interesting. Alternately, the correct word may be variety.


Once again, this is a peculiar case. If you visit the Top Scratch website for the first time and don’t give the name its due consideration, you can be led to believe that there are opportunities to place bets on live athletic events when in reality there are none. There are none of them. To steal from the overly sweet US slang lexicon, the sports scratch games are “really awesome,” and we actually found ourselves utilizing them a lot more than the bulk of the other sorts of games.

The basketball game known as “Shoot N’ Score” was one that especially appealed to us. In this game, you had to take shots at the hoop and scratch off the appropriate panels as you score buckets of points. It’s a lot of fun, and it brings a whole new dimension to the act of scratching. The bowling game was another one of our favorites for the similar reason. Both feature cool animation effects to ensure that it does not come off as being too dead.