What Is The Strongest Steroid?


Steroids are chemicals, often referred to as man-made medicines, which work as hormones. These hormonal supplements boost the function of organs, muscles and tissues, and cells of a person who works out regularly. Steroids can come in two main forms, so it is an important question of what is the strongest steroid?

To understand that at first, we have to look into the two forms of steroids and understand their basic differences. Later on, the article also discusses how the claimed steroid is the strongest and some of its functions as well.

Two Types of Steroids

Steroids are mainly two kinds. One is widely known as the Anabolic-androgenic Steroids, also known as Anabolic Steroids, and the other one is called the Corticosteroids.

Anabolic Steroids

The anabolic-androgenic steroids are the man-made steroids that are basically a testosterone hormone, which is also the sex hormone of the human body. This steroid is used all over for their ability to grow muscle tissues and help build bigger muscle.

Anabolic steroids

This type of steroid is mostly doctor prescribed, and bodybuilders around the world use this steroid under the supervision of their trainers. Having said that, anabolic steroids are also popular for their negative effects on the human body. They are known to scar the internal function of our body with many organ failures and dysfunctions, even though they work faster and better than the other type of steroids.


This lab-made steroid is like a replacement of human cortisol hormone. This type of steroid is functional in lowering inflammation in the human body, which reduces the risks of many diseases and performance-related issues.


This is exactly why corticosteroids are the strongest steroid. It works almost like natural cortisol and boosts your immunity by reducing asthma, allergy, and enhancing muscle growth. The only problem of this steroid is that it’s more medicinal than training supplement and works relatively slower. There are two types of corticosteroids found in the market.

Localized corticosteroids

These corticosteroids are targeted for a specific part of the body to treat or boost recovery. They can be used on our body through:

  • Creams for skin
  • Drops for eyes and ears
  • Inhalers to target the lungs

Systematic corticosteroids

Systematic corticosteroids target a larger portion of the body. They can be taken orally, with an IV or through injections in the specific muscle of the body. Their function is almost similar to the anabolic steroids.

They work to recover the damaged muscles and tissues faster and help in the growth of bigger muscles for bodybuilders. They also work as a performance enhancer for athletes.

Why Corticosteroids is the Strongest Steroid?

Corticosteroids reduce inflammation through the production of cortisol in the human body, which is essential to stay healthy. Corticosteroids also enhance metabolism, strength, stamina, and reduce stress, which means post-workout tiredness is easily deductible by this type of steroid, and you can hope to recover sooner.

Corticosteroids are exactly not the same as anabolic steroids, in terms of their functions. While anabolic steroids mainly boost your muscle growth and help you get bigger muscles, corticosteroids assist in enhancing your performance through building stamina and releasing you from stress.

Nevertheless, corticosteroids are the strongest steroids considered for its healing capabilities and making you healthier along with your fit body.

Corticosteroids are also known among the professional doctors for their ability in disease treatment that is quite related to workouts. They boost your stamina by treating asthma. Keeps you away from internal failures so that you can be healthy with your food consumption and training routine.

A glucocorticoid steroid, for example, prednisone, is very capable of recovering injured muscles. Weekly prescribed doses can help in repairing damaged tissues much better than any anabolic steroids can do. With their muscle healing power, corticosteroids are definitely the strongest and active steroid that can keep you healthy and give you a muscular body.

Corticosteroids are also widely popular in treating various diseases in the human body. Here is a shortlist of the conditions that can be treated through weekly consumption of minimal doses of corticosteroids:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
  • Lupus and other autoimmune disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Rashes and skin conditions like eczema

Side Effects of Corticosteroids

Depending on your dose, daily or weekly, corticosteroids can have short time effects as well as long time effects on your body.

Short term effects

If taken regularly, but with minimal dose under the prescription of doctors or nutritionists, corticosteroids can cause mood swings and insomnia. Besides, they can also cause weight gain if the workout is not a regular activity in your routine or if you stop training.

This is why many athletes get bulkier and fatter after they retire, due to lack of any more exercises. Other side effects include nausea, thinner skin, acne, uncontrollable hair growth, and spikes in blood pressure and blood sugar.

Long term effects

A high dose of corticosteroids, if taken for a long period, can cause muscle weakness, eye problems (i.e., cataracts), and diabetes. One very critical result caused due to a high dose of corticosteroids is osteoporosis, which is a condition in bones that effects are breaking bones easily. Another life-threatening long term effect is called adrenal insufficiency. This is a condition where the body cannot handle the stress of training and gets sick easily.

Suggestions on Minimizing the Side Effects

Any steroid is an extra component put on your body, so they will cause hardship and it is better to be careful regardless of how strong these substances are. Here are some tips to minimize the harms-

  • Regularly consult your doctor, nutritionist, and trainer
  • Use a medical alert bracelet
  • Get routine checkups weekly or monthly
  • Use more natural and legal steroids
  • Maintain a healthy diet with low-salt food items
  • Workout daily even shorter times


Corticosteroids are the strongest steroid that, on the one hand, can treat many regular diseases and keep you healthy, and on the other hand, can take you to your dream fit body. Like every other steroid, it also has comparatively lesser side effects, but you should always consume this strong steroid under the supervision of medical professionals or certified trainers.